Feb 17, 2013

Dobrila Pintar, One Year Later....

Hello to our our friends, supporters and jewelry lovers! We are happy to announce that our blog will be resuming on a regular basis very soon! Meanwhile, we hope all of you have had a fantastic year!

2012 was a great time for glass artist Dobrila Pintar! In October 2012, she was acknowledged with the honor of being named A Featured Artist of 2012 Chicago Artist Month! In addition to all the events associated with that honor of excellence, Dobrila participated and exhibited her unique jewelry at numerous shows, such as One of A Kind Show and Sale at the Merchandise Mart Chicago and Lincoln Park Art Festival!

To keep up with all new trends and techniques, our talented glass artist took part in numerous workshops with other glass masters and learned how to be even better at creating one of a kind glass sculptures and beads!

Also, Third Fridays Open Studio Events at the Bridgeport Art center turned out to be very successful and popular, and now are a monthly tradition! Check out the art center page at: www.bridgeportart.com

Dobrila focused a lot of her time on teaching glass enthusiasts as well! Classes grew bigger and the variety is much greater now! Visit our website www.1111jewelry.com for schedule details and to reserve your spot!

Below are some pictures of  Dobrila's newest pieces, you can check out our Facebook page for regular updates ( www.facebook.com/1111jewelry ) or follow us on Twitter( www.twitter.com/1111jewelry )!

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