Jun 26, 2010

The Price of Silver has rose significantly in the last 10 years

The silver prices along with gold have seen a steady increase in the last decade and this is good news because these precious metals offer a lot of security in unstable economy and markets. As you have seen in the recent past, markets have been really unstable and the recession has not done any great favors. The question is: should you invest in silver? The answer is yes.

Silver is a chemical element and is most often than not considered as a precious metal as well as an industrial metal. Apart from jewelry and antiques, silver is used in many industries and for several purposes. Silver is used by dentists for filling cavities as well as by the crockery industry to make silverware. Of course, when you are considering investment in silver, you will be purchasing silver bullions and coins and not jewelry. The silver prices for bullions and coins are monitored every day as these prices change but most of the time, the change is positive.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kelly_Hunter

Jun 5, 2010

Introducing our new collection of EARRINGS!!!!

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Every pair is made from handmade glass beads, accented with beautiful Swarovski Pearls, and finished off with silver hooks.

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