Dec 30, 2010


Social Media is the #1 way of keeping in touch with people. Sad to say that hand written letters, phone calls, text messaging, have all been beat out by good old Facebook. So, we decided we have to keep up with the times and create a NEW PAGE!!!!!!!!

or our website

Become our friend, poke us, post us, we love to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for a great December and all of our customers!


11:11 Jewelry

Dec 22, 2010

Chicago Time!

SNOW SNOW SNOW! I love Chicago, this city is loaded with fun activities. Have you every craved to play golf in the winter time? You look outside and see 2 feet of snowing, wish you were on a sunny beach golf course. Well a close second is the Golfsmith Store, next to Costco. Today we went and played golf in a simulator, and we recorded and tape each swing. Awesome activity to get out of the house! Next, we hit up the Mid-Town tennis courts and played some intense doubles. In the midst of all the holiday eating, I highly recommend getting out for some golf and tennis and spending time with the family!

Now of course we are off to dinner. Has anyone ever heard of SARMA? Traditional Eastern European cabbage dish! yummmmmy!
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