Jul 18, 2010


Its always special to be able to personalize your jewelry! We offer a beautiful silver ring, where we hand stamp whatever you wish to carry around with you everyday. Some suggestions: your loved one's name, your kid's name, your pets name, or even a motivational word! You can never go wrong with this ring because it is simple, classic, and made from real silver.

To buy, please visit www.1111jewelry.com.

Thank you,

xoxo, 11:11 Jewelry

Jul 11, 2010


We are in the middle of production at the moment. We have been trying out some work with rose gold, which I have never worked with before. For you that don't know, gold and silver have different melting temperatures. So working with gold is a whole new ball game! I am excited to display my finished work soon! Stay tuned! To see our full collection visit: www.elevenelevenjewelry.com.

xoxo, 11:11

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