Apr 16, 2013

Dobrila volunteering at Aspira Haugan Middle School in Chicago

A couple of weeks ago our talented Dobrila Pintar took the time out of her crazy busy schedule to spend a day with a few kids at a middle school in Chicago and teach them about glass bead making. A few days ago there was a wonderful "Thank You" letter in the mail from the school and some great pictures from the eventful day. See them below and stay inspired!

" I want to thank Dobrila  Pintar, designer, for being a guest jewelry artist  for a day who without being paid wonderfully  demonstrate her craft in the art classroom at Aspira Haugan  Middle School in Chicago, on March 28, 2013 .
 The students were curious, engaged and inspired.

Her demonstration included fire and melting glass sticks into beads and other shapes such as fish and hearts for jewelry making. The presentation was sophisticated and a few students were able to melt glass into a fish or bead.
We arranged a small display with your work in our school, and beautiful samples are shining, decorating and reminding us on your visit.
  A big thank you from our students, staff, Principal Rodriquez, and us, sponsor teachers;
Selena Seferovic, Sanja Drnovsek, Geovanna Silva

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