Nov 9, 2010

First day of engraving. It was fun but short. Hand engraving is great technique to learn with a lot of possibilities to use on finished jewelry. The students are rockingon on their strait lines - it was impresive to see how talented they are. Tomorrow is another day, all together will be four day workshop. I will keep u posted.

South America Adventure!

Where Evita was buried. This was the most amazing cemetery I have ever seen!

Market shopping!

At the oldest Opera House in Argentina!

Headed to Machu Picchu!

These were real Alpaca!


Our amazing South American Adventure!!!! We have never traveled to S.A. and one place that I have been dying to go to is Machu Picchu. A lot of people have heard about this little secret Inca discovery. It about an hour flight from Lima, Peru.

We started our trip off in Lima. It is a great place to visit for a day or two and then its time to move on. The food was phenomenal though. If you like seafood, beef, lemon meringue, and coffee, you will love Lima. We found that the restaurants were very reasonable with the prices and the best restaurants were located off of the main strip.

After a couple days, we took a flight to Cuscos, Peru. Cuscos is the central town you fly into if you are going to visit the magical place of Machu Picchu. It is a very small and quaint town, and again very very good food. We saw many Inca traces of there architecture. Did you know it is still a wonder of the world in how they cut, carried, and constructed those buildings? Over 400 years ago they didn't have electric saws, they had chisels. Everything was chiseled to perfect... how long do you think it took them to build Machu Picchu? Still a wonder!

Next, we took a beautiful train along the mountains on our way to see the beautiful, magical city if Machu Picchu! WOW! It was the most amazing place on earth. The Inca strategically picked this mountain to build there village. It is surround by a water source and mountains. I have included some pictures, but it doesn't even justify its beauty.

Our last leg of the trip was to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now, I was really surprised at how city like it was. I didn't realize it was the 3rd largest city in South America. Reminded me of a cuter version of New York. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, people and culture in Buenos Aires. Another discovery that I brought back with me was there passion for drinking tea through these metal straws. Yerba Matte that is! I wasn't a huge fan, so I bought some other types of teas, but it definitely go me drink it! We listened to music in the parks, shopped at weekend markets, and ended up catching a real Italian Opera at the oldest Opera house on the continent. We couldn't leave B.A. without catching a salsa show. So we went to Almacen and enjoyed a dinner and salsa!!

If you want more information on our trip, please feel free to contact us. Also, we booked everything through our amazing travel agency.!!

Micro forming workshop at Long Beach CA

Let just start with short comment. It's hard to start with something like blog or all other ways of communication between us that we face lately. Social media how they call it now and what used to be seating with friends together after dinner and talk or writing letters to each others. Having Diary and keeping records of daily events is no more or less having your own Blog or I believe so.
So if we or 11:11 better to say like to keep in touch with you who like to follow us we have to start to be more active and give you opportunity to find out what we keep in our gift basket..
It's already late in the night and our third and last day of workshop learning micro forming. We will try to pass more information to you in coming days what we have done in the class with some nice photos to follow.
Tomorrow the day will start with first day of engraving workshop. Same place, same instructors and I believe with dedications to learn we will have fun and try to share with you what we have done in our next posting.
Have a good night.
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