Jan 17, 2012

Dobrila Studies in Murano

One of the canals of Murano
Techniques Dating Back Centuries
The Venetian Island of Murano is a port city famous for its glassmakers. Since the 10th century, Murano glass has enjoyed a worldwide reputation. Murano’s reputation for producing extraordinary glasswork holds strong today. The artisans of Murano still employ techniques from centuries ago. If you’re interested in working in glass, Murano is your city. Few people get the chance to visit Murano, and not many get to study there.

Learning From Masters
In November Eleven Eleven Jewelry’s Dobrila Pintar got a chance to not only visit Murano, but to train with some master glassmakers. If you’re a follower of Dobrila’s on Facebook and Twitter, you know about her glass beadwork, her custom jewlery, and one-of-a-kind glass creations. Like all artists, Dobrila is constantly refining her craft through practice and additional training. In Murano, she got to learn from some glassmaking masters. Dobrila learned more about glassblowing beads and glass sculpture. She also got to work and learn alongside masters, including beadmaker and author Corina Tettinger (Passing the Flame: A Beadmaker’s Guide to Detail and Design).

Corina, Corina!
Tettinger, who hails from Washington State, is a world-renowned beadmaker who teachers classes all over the United States and Europe. One look at Corina’s schedule posted to her website makes one tired just looking at it. In 2012, she’ll be in France, the Netherlands, and Denmark! Stateside, she’ll be in Texas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

One-of-a-Kind Jewelry
Dobrila, a talented artist in her own right and a talented artisan, has acquired new skills to help her create even more unique beads, jewelry, and glass art objects. Be sure to visit Dobrila’s website to see her latest creations in glass.

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